Perform with other adults and film your favorite K-pop dances with a professional videographer.

K-Pop Dance Cover Video Series

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Now is your chance to film a K-pop dance like an idol. In this 5-week series, we'll rehearse a K-pop dance cover in preparation for a fun music video shot by a professional videographer! Oh, and did I mention NO AUDITIONS OR TRY OUTS REQUIRED! 💖 Just sign up and get ready to have a blast!

Star in a K-Pop Dance Cover Video in Atlanta!

How does it work?

Practice K-pop choreography, formations, (and attitude!) once a week for 5 weeks with a group of other K-pop enthusiasts. On the following weekend, we'll record all our hard work like a real music video that you can show all your friends and family!

Registration CLOSED!

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Registration Closed

Viviz: "Maniac" currently in session!

This month's K-Pop Dance Cover Video Series is closed.

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Who is the K-Pop Dance Video Series For?

  • K-pop enthusiasts
  • Dancers
  • Fans of K-pop dance covers
  • Anyone looking for positive energy and a place to make new friends

Total Cost: $199

How much is it?

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Questions? I got you!

What dance level is this series for?

The Video Series is for ALL levels! Beginners and experienced dancers are totally welcome.

Do I need experience?

If you've never danced in a video shoot before, no worries! This is an inclusive environment for people who just love dancing and K-pop. Just come with your positive energy and we'll slay together!

What should I expect from this experience?

Expect fun and adventure! If you've always wanted to perform your favorite K-pop songs outside the solitude of your bedroom, the K-Pop Dance Cover Video Series is perfect for you!

Expect to learn all the moves from the original K-pop music videos during rehearsals. Then make sure you practice, practice, practice at home often throughout the week! We'll all work as a team to go over fun formations and make sure we're in sync in preparation for an exciting video shoot. It's a blast!

Is there an age limit?

Please only participate if you are an adult age 18 or over. If you're an adult, we are lovingly accepting of ALL adult age groups!

What if I have to miss a rehearsal?

Hey, stuff happens. That's fine! Just contact me ahead of time and I'll send you a recording of what we learned in the rehearsal. You'll be responsible for practicing at home til our next rehearsal day. However, since we only have a short time for practice, you can only miss 1 day in order to keep participating in the Video Series. (Being significantly late to a rehearsal will count as a missed day.)

Where will filming taking place?

Specifics about the filming location will be sent to you later on as we get closer to the filming date.

Are refunds allowed?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for the Video Series.

Will I have to pay for costumes?

Nope! Our filming outfits are totally flexible. I'll give the group an idea of what to wear to fit the concept, and you will have the option to go shopping for some new 'fits or you can stick to whatever you currently have in your closet. No pressure to spend any extra cash.

I'm camera-shy. Can I opt out of the video?

The video series is a team effort! Every dancer is super important to the entire choreography. Opting out of the video shoot at the last minute greatly affects the other dancers' performance. For that reason, members of the video series are required to participate in the final video shoot. But if you're camera-shy, no worries! MANY of the dancers are also incredibly nervous. We'll work together to support each other and do our best!

Registration is closed, but join the mailing list so you can know when to join the next one!

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