Inclusive, positive vibes-only dance classes for adult K-pop fans in the Atlanta area.

K-Pop Dance Classes in Atlanta

Date TBD

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About Class:


These pop up adult K-pop dance classes are a fun mix of a no-stress, all-skill levels dance jamboree 🤪 and a performance-focused mini K-pop idol experience. We play around with different formations and blocking just like K-pop idols in these unique dance classes, but the main priority is FUN. No matter your dance level, experience your fave K-pop songs in this supportive, no judgement environment!

What to Wear:

  • Wear something red and/or black ❤️🖤 that makes you feel confident
  • ❤️🖤 K-pop inspired fashion
  • Or whatever you want!

Seventeen: Super

Date/Time: TBD


$25 per class


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Excited to embrace your inner K-pop idol and put your dance moves on a stage?

Questions? I got you!

What dance level are these classes for?

These K-pop dance classes are for ALL levels! Beginners and experienced dancers are totally welcome.

Is there an age limit?

These classes are intended for adults. Please only participate if you are an adult age 18 or over. If you're an adult, we are lovingly accepting of ALL adult age groups!

Are refunds allowed?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for K-pop dance classes.

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