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Unleash your inner K-pop idol with dance classes, video series, and performances for adults.

K-Pop Dance and Performances
in Atlanta

Learn the choreography to your favorite K-pop dances! We'll learn the dances and even a few K-pop-style formations and blocking. This is your chance to learn something new and meet new friends. Come dressed up in style like a K-pop idol or show up in your comfiest workout clothes. We support both!

K-Pop Dance Classes

Inclusive & Positive

About Dance Classes

Ever wanted to join a K-pop dance crew, but just thinking about auditions stresses you out? Then our K-pop dance video series is perfect for you! In this 5-week series, we'll learn a K-pop dance and rehearse it together. Then, you'll get to record everything you learned in a dance music video filmed by a professional videographer! Live the mini-K-pop idol experience, and show the world your moves in this inclusive, no-auditions opportunity!

Dance Cover Video Series

Fun & Adventurous

About the Video Series

Put your K-pop passion on the stage! Show your friends, family, and the ATL K-pop community your moves in an incredible live performance showcase. In 8 weeks, we'll put together a K-pop dance show where you can dance to the music you love. Meet new K-pop obsessed friends and shine on stage like a K-pop idol!

K-Pop Performance Showcase


About the Showcase

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